Liberia Development Initiative - Liberian Professionals Empowering Liberian Children and Families Through Community Agriculture Programs

The Liberia Development Initiative (LDI)

The Liberia Development Initiative (LDI) is a non-profit organization developed through a passionate sense of national concern by some Liberian professionals with the utmost objective of helping Liberian children gain access to resources that are lacking in their environment. LDI also seeks to empower families through community agriculture programs in the leeward counties.

We are dedicated to helping the underprivileged Liberian children and communities in the rural areas of Liberia who are in dire need of assistance to help them develop into qualified and skilled citizens for the betterment of Liberia's future.

Our Mission is to:
  • Provide Employment to families through community's micro-farming to help children go to school.

  • Help provide teacher, trainer and summer school program in areas of agricultures

  • Provide Scholarship, After School Program and school supplies to young children.

  • Help to supply pure and safe drinking water to people in the leeward counties. Liberia Development Initiative will be able to build a place (Paradise Water Work) that supplies clean water.

  • Help provide health materials and resources for malaria.